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High-concentration and high-quality luxury cream

Description and Benefits

A mineral oil-free cream with a unique texture created by a special emulsification method. Highly functional complex peptides and highly concentrated Aqua GG ingredients provide essential ingredients for aging skin and are effective for vibrant and healthy skin.

Aqua GG

Focusing on aquaporin, which is the water passage of the skin, it helps the absorption of useful ingredients (* to the stratum corneum). It has a high moisturising effect, helps the function of collagen, supports the barrier function, and is effective in preventing rough skin.

7 kinds of peptides

Composite peptides are expected to improve the stability and effectiveness of the ingredients. Regeneration of spots, wrinkles and wounds, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, moisturising, collagen regeneration, cell activation. 


TripeptideCondition your skin and keep it healthy.

Palmitoyl pentapeptide-4It is gentle on the skin and has excellent moisturising power.

NiacinamideIt evens out the texture of the skin and gives it a sense of transparency.

Amino acid(patented ingredient)17 types of amino acids that the skin needs to maintain skin elasticity and moisture.

Oligopeptide-29Along with collagen, it supports the role that helps in beautiful skin and gives elasticity to the skin.

AdenosinePrevent dryness and prevent dryness.

How to apply

Day and night

Take an appropriate amount and apply it all over your face. At the beginning of use, it is more effective if you use it generously. A special emulsification method makes it difficult to evaporate and penetrates into the skin over 8 hours. It has a smooth texture, so it is also recommended for those who are concerned about stickiness. Aqua GG is the most included in the series.

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