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Light and gentle concealer that compensates for imperfections 

Description and Benefits

The V3 Hiding Concealer is the only solution you need to crystal clear skin. It covers skin troubles naturally and blocks UV rays with SPF30 PA++. It fits smoothly and lightly, and completes makeup like bare skin. 

Skin Trouble Care
Smooth and light fit, complete makeup like bare skin!

Formulated with light and highly volatile oil.
It absorbs moisture and blows away the oily feeling, and only a light and thin cover layer adheres to the skin.
Formulated with "Spherical Powder" for a smooth finish!

Amazing Coverage
The cover layer quickly fits on your bare skin and covers your skin naturally. "Film layer" and "cover layer" fit quickly and maintain the same skin tone.

Skin Soothing
Long-lasting makeup effect with double TiO2 coating.

The small powder coating adheres firmly to the unevenness of the skin. The cover powder, which is double-coated with our proprietary process of TiO2, increases its dispersibility, enabling it to be applied evenly without clumping. It compensates for the conventional wrinkles and improves the lasting effect of makeup.


Edelweiss callus culture extract, guava fruit extract, centella asiatica extract and dokudami


How to apply

1. After applying your usual skincare or makeup base, apply the concealer to areas of concern.
2. Apply concealer by tapping lightly.
3. Then apply foundation.

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